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Prop Hire

If your business is in the business of building concrete tilt panels, either in a yard or on site, then look no further. Victorian Prop Logistics has all the solutions under one roof.

Prop Hire

VPL TYPE A – Trench Mini
VPL TYPE B – Trench C/park
VPL TYPE C – T4 Mini
VPL TYPE E – Standard
VPL TYPE F – Jumbo
VPL TYPE G – Super Jumbo
VPL TYPE H – Super Max Jumbo

Prop Sizes & Working Load Limits:

Prop DescriptionClosed PositionKNFully ExtendedKN
VPL TYPE A - Trench Mini1.2 Mtrs351.8 Mtrs30
VPL TYPE B - Trench C/park1.5 Mtrs352.5 Mtrs30
VPL TYPE C - T4 Mini2.4 Mtrs353.8 Mtrs30
VPL TYPE D - Mini2.6 Mtrs354.4 Mtrs30
VPL TYPE E - Standard4.4 Mtrs406.8 Mtrs14
VPL TYPE F - Jumbo6.2 Mtrs2510.0 Mtrs6
VPL TYPE G - Super Jumbo6.4 Mtrs3011.5 Mtrs8
VPL TYPE H - Super Max Jumbo8.5 Mtrs2614.5 Mtrs4

Prop Pin

Prop Lock

Disposable Prop Lock

Safety Brace System SBS

Using Structural Products is your guarantee of quality:

  • All products are manufactured under a Quality Assured System, Certified to ISO9001 and meet all requirements of AS3850, AS1170, AS3600 & AS4100.
  • All products are Australian Made from Quality Australian Duragal high strength square hollow sections and 300+ components.
  • The design capacities and Working Load Limits of the Safety Brace System have been derived from extensive research and verified with load testing.
  • Safety Braces are Engineer Certified.
  • Design Manual for Engineers Available.

Victorian Prop Logistics

For all your tilt up and precast panel needs.