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Victorian Prop Logistics was originally founded under the DBF Tools banner as DBF Prop Hire, we commenced business in 2002.

Combining tilt panel and precast push pull props, encompassing all forms of lifting equipment and associated fasteners, as well as consumable products required for both tilt up and precast contractors alike.

Combined with our hire fleet of over 12,000 tilt panel props and our own crane truck, Victorian Prop Logistics are able to make things happen for the contractor – on time, every time.

With an ever-expanding product range and the ever-changing needs in the construction market, Victorian Prop Logistics are continually moving with the times and our offering will always give the best products available at competitive pricing. Backed up with the same level of service we are known for, for more than 20 years now.

Victorian Prop Logistics have the back up of all the major manufacturers to supply onsite and offsite technical support for solving applications, as well as electronic data for technical and material safety requirements.

Victorian Prop Logistics have the support of the major manufacturer’s brands of construction fastening systems; hand tools; sealants; adhesives; epoxies; grouts; cutting; abrasives; safety products and many other consumable items.

Victorian Prop Logistics can offer shop drawings where required as well as panel lift designs.

If a prop or consumable is required for the tilt panel or precast construction industry, we will stop at nothing trying to source it for your project. Do not hesitate to ask for information from our experienced sales staff.